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The Body gets well by

Making New Cells
That Work Correctly

Proper Voltage is required for the body to create healthy new cells

Did You Know ?

The lining on your gut is replaced every 6 days . Your skin is replaced every 6 weeks . The liver is replaced every 8 weeks . The nervous system is replaced every 8 months.

The issue is that, as humans, we are constantly bombarded with dirty electricity and shielded from natural energies in our daily lives. We live & work inside this environment, and commute to these two places within a shielded environment. This contributes to shortages in exposure to nature’s vital energies, and subsequently, a decrease in cellular energy.This is most evident to us after a day at the beach, after a long hike in the woods, or an evening of camping – we feel more energized and overall healthier and happier. This has less to do with ‘fresh air & sunshine, and everything to do with exposure to these four energies. The BioCharger helps you to achieve this vital exposure, with minimal disruption to your normal day-day activities.

Money back guarantee

Our #1 priority at energy2wellness is your happiness. Which
means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds
barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. We just ask you give at least a month try of up to 8
sessions to see if this fits your lifestyle.


Optimize & amplify the body. Proactively improve health & wellness by harnessing energy, recovery, focus, flexibility, & sleep. Each energy type has its own uniquely proven benefits, all backed by independent research studies. The Biocharger NG is the first human optimization platform that incorporates all four of these beneficial energy types into one unit. 

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