Upon checkout, you will see an option to make a choice to add a session you picked to a package at a discount.  A package is multiple sessions that can be future scheduled anytime for up to 6 months in the choice of a category of Services, Classes, or Workshops. 

Please note that the package is ONLY for the sessions of that category purchased and cannot be transferred to another.


30min (up to 20min of recipes) $9 or lower in package deal.

Class sessions are where a client needs to book one appointment at a time with the option to book 4 additional friends or family making it a party of 5.

Upon checkout click offer  PROMO CODE – ENERGYLOVE  making your first class $1


45min (up to 30min of recipes) $12 or lower in package deal.
You can enroll in all sessions or pick and choose which session you wish to go to. You can schedule multiple sessions at a time.


1hr (up to 45min of recipes) $30 or lower in package deal.

When you are looking for a recipe for your specific needs. You can pick from the 1000+ recipes in our database. Look thru RECIPES or via the search bar. This is a solo service or you can bring a party of friends and/or family of up to 8 for last-minute walk-ins for $10 each cash vs booking online checkout for $30 for each additional person. When booking appointment online, there is an option to leave a message (insert recipe choices of a total of 45 +/- 8 minutes)

Money back guarantee

Our #1 priority at energy2wellness is your happiness. Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. We just ask you give at least a month try of up to 8 sessions to see if this fits your lifestyle.